JEN Conference 2020

3-D Vocal Warm-Ups

Roger Treece

Bass Extremes


Care of the Professional Voice

Dr. Holli Ross

Digging Into Your Vocal Jazz Charts

Jeremy Fox

Jazz Industry and Music Business
Committee Meeting


Jazz is Community! Tips for Making
a Deeper Impact in your Jazz
Education Community

Zach Compston and Myles Bowers

Jazz Rehearsal Techniques and Strategies

Richard Dunscomb

JEN 2020 Music Business
Symposium Review

Nick Finzer, Quentin Angus, Rick Beato

Just Connect: The Art of the Rhythm Section in Group Performances

Pete Malinverni

Discovering Marian McPartland’s Solo Piano Style of “Portraits”

Dr. Teresa Chen

Quality Repertoire in VJ charts

Brenan Baglio and Amanda Taylor

Tell Your Story Through the Lyrics of Standards

Kate Skinner

The Art of Saxophone and Drum Duo in Historical Context

Allison Miller and Jeff Lederer

Understanding the Music of Gerry Mulligan

David Larsen

Using Arranging to Develop Combo Performances

Drew Zaremba

What Needs to Happen Before you Leave Your Driveway on Tour

Jeff Coffin

Writing for Strings in Jazz: Essential Strategies for the Arranger

Richard DeRosa

The How of Jazz

Mike Steinel

Jean Michael Pilc


LSAT Lamb and the Bunny